Tread in the 20’s

​Flipped the page and it was 22,

Still tracing my way back from the lines have been through,
Feels like a rat race,
A dead-end chase
Life turns out to be honey flavoured with poison,
Holding onto some dream yet faithless,
Air around feels like a cage
Hanging by the edge
Addicted to solitude
Over-thinking is the cure,
Almost bidding my soul for forever
Never paying for the debts my demons owe.

Looking into the mirror
And my reflection haunts me,
Adulthood is here, not with beers for cheers
Really wanted to grow old without growing up
But understood that life has two sides, guns and roses,
Now I sleep with both eyes open, insomnia
Trying to catch a wish out of a shooting star,
For the streak to heal my scars,
Love is just a satire
Knitted on the stems of sweet nothings.

They told me dreams can come true
But didn’t clarify that nightmares can tag along,
If tomorrow never comes
Then my poems will make it through
‘Cause am still sifting through the dark to remain true to my dreams
Hoping to find some light to fight my nights
Life now feels like a mere noose for my neck to hang on.
©Teddy Temple 2017


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