Of spilt ashes and dust in the wind

I left a whisper for you in the winds,
To pave the skies for you with gold,
Instead you hanged your neck on loose thread,
Till it broke, that’s when you died in my heart
And am still digging through 10 feet under
To bury you.

Daylight do come with shadows,
So does a breath drag suffocation behind it,
When the air around is thinning,
Your saint starts to recite sins,
Smile of a deadman patched on your face
Tossing me into the winds like dust
Without a contrition from your ghost.

Am trying to stay close to heaven
Without breeding your wickedness into a heathen
Spilt ashes craping Into the sky
Till angels fall to play a dirge symphony for your sacrifice,
I’ll be the lost mortal and you go as the unforgiven.

Memories fade like spilt ashes
Regrets stack up like dust in the winds
And through tomorrow’s decay
I see through your lies
Cursing my luck
For letting me shelter your demons
But its just another nightmare,
Now I leash you in the echoes of my screams
As I settle on the rubble like dust from the wind.
©Teddy Temple 2017


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