Ashtrays of my fantasies

Am constantly caught in delusional monologues,            
With your name sipping across my lips
Kissing empty spaces in daylight besides
Misty sunrise that soaks into my bones,
Am dragged into an avalanche
Clutching on the straws of the sight of your soft lips,
Just to burn down the walls of my daydreams.

Blinding soliloquies off my chest
To catch a glimpse of you in my daydreams,
To trace the line of wishes after a shooting star
Hoping to have you with me till the end of time,
since you seem to linger in every line I ponder,
My sentiments trapped around you like a magnetic spell
’cause you seem to roll in metaphors in every thought popping in my mind.

Flip your switch and watch me hunt,
Hunt for your smile in every inch of your dimples
Even though you pushed me to the edge,
I’ll hang on the cobwebs you pull out to save me
If all of this should be a poetic hallucination,
Let me burn it all in flames of hopelessness
And save the remains in the ashtrays of my fantasies.

©Teddy Temple 2017


4 thoughts on “Ashtrays of my fantasies

  1. amazing work..
    I like the way u are subtle with words and are still able to reach to all classes. the simplicity and beauty captures my heart. 😍

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