Fallen verbs


Can I swim naked in your mind ,till I drown in the cascading terraces of your thighs,mixed up in juicy tentalments with pleasurable scales…? Can I??
I just want to be your late night thoughts
That crawl in your mind and settles on your bosom,
The ones that make you sigh with your hands between your thighs,
I could tiptoe my fingers on your cotton skin if you let me,
Till I perch on your wild adventures,
Am just a night owl
Craving to explore your wilderness.

I want to leave some poetry on your skin,
Fused with myΒ  warmth
And deeply planted on your lips,
So that every time I’ll beΒ  checking for palindromes on you,
I won’t miss the metaphors that keep running down from your gazes,
I just wanna touch you the way you crave for ocean breeze to ripple through your body
Leaving behind traces of an adventure .

I want to claw on u with my fingers,
Trace every curve,every line and every texture,
Till I climb the pew on your chest
And manifest adrenaline on your neck,
Sending chills down your spine
Till you are out of control
But I’ll tame you in my arms
And shelter your masquerades.

I want to plant silent and smoldering kisses on your lips
Deep under the shiny gloss
In the soft flesh where you can’t deny the taste,
I want to hold you close by your waist,
Close that your contours disrupt my thinking,
And my compass gets dizzy,
I just crave to taste you,to know what flavour you are made of,
Then spice myself with your scrumminess.

I want to feed my fingers on your flesh,
Incarnate the hunger for your taste within the clasps of your thighs,
Find the splendour etched on your cheeks
And runs down up to your chest,
I want to drown in your arms
In the wake of your adrenaline
That sinks us in an ocean of devotion.

I just want you for myself,
You and I in our own shell
For eternity we dwell.
Β©Teddy Temple 2017


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