Paper hearts


I keep searching for an iridescence in your blinking
But I only find darkness patched on your eyelids,
Digging trenches in your heart
Just to find a stitch for my bleeding,
Since you planted paper-hearts where my heart should be,
Struck me with a plague
And my scars are still bleeding.

Blinding lies on your palms
That seduced me without empathy,
I tried to sift through your whispers
But you blew me off into silence
Now am just a fever head,
Figging around like a bruised matador,
Dodging lights like a thief in the night
And you just watch me crawl into graves of desperation,
I wish I could be the suicide thought running through your mind
So that I shred your paper heart into pieces.

You dragged me through your darkness,
Infested me with your fears
And promised to show me how to shelter your demons
Instead ,you pushed me to the edge
Misled me with your gems
All I tried was to find out what makes you tick in sadness
But only to discover paper hearts trailing from your bosom towards me.

Should I paint them red in a pool of my blood,
So that you can feel the rage burning from me?
You thought of me asΒ  merely silent andΒ  harmless,
Well you were dead wrong
’cause now I’ll be the death that claws on you,
Make you seek death pill from my ashes
Till you shred these paper hearts trailing between us.
Β©Teddy Temple 2017


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