The space between us


Before I fade into nothingness,
Should I fill this gap between us with my screams?
We are torn worlds apart
Between day and night
And silence is strangling me,
Am choking on your broken promises,
Still waiting for tulips to bloom from your dimples,
So that I fetch petals of your smile
That linger on my pages.

Can I borrow the echoes of your voice
To fill this vacuum of silence between us,
To save me from drifting away
On waves of solitude,
I want to take a step closer to you,
Break away from my unquestioned answers
Every word that flows from your lips
Could fill this valley between us.

The clouds are  floating over,
Am melting to ashes,
Set your gems ablaze to save me ,
To flood this space in between
And bring our worlds into collision.
Shoot out your words
To bridge the gap between and
And make us who we are supposed to be.
Β©Teddy Temple 2017


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