Gun under the pillow


Solace in the battlefield
But there is blood in the cut,
Nested in a transcendence
Questing for victory
Without a spill of blood,
A slice of the tongue to silence the screams
And a dream under the pillow
Awaiting germination.

A gun under the pillow
To keep the nightmares at bay
Make the enemies pay
And pave the path to the milky way,
Bullet scratched dreams
With comfort in the panic
And hanging on the dreamcatcher
trying to escape the gravity.

Trading pain for bullets
In the name of fear
To escape the fall
When the billows roll,
Hearts of steel at crash
Washed in the hurricane for rebirth,
Only darkness remains behind
Waiting for the gunshots to start playing,

With a gun under the pillow
Just to shoot down the walls in a daydream.
Β©Teddy Temple 2017


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