Once upon a smile


Once upon a smile,
There were words dancing off your soft lips
And am constantly in the cusp of trying to kiss you slowly
But there is a gap of empty spaces between us,
So I can’t easily reach you.
Am left irresistibly craving for you.

Once upon a smile
I searched for the poetry your eyes recited
But my  fingers seemed to be numbed by your presence,
Now I try to feed my pages with every piece of art you carve out,
In every sigh you take,
I find myself sinking in a sea of hallucinations.

Once upon a smile
I quivered to your burning gaze,
Your eyes seemed to be ignited with the lyrics of a Mozart symphony,
Now am trying to build bridges between our smiles,
So that we don’t loose direction
Or collapse into the caves underneath.

Once upon a smile,
Your smile mapped out a path for my eyes to follow,
I traced every  line your lips spelled out
So that my vectors could be accurate,
Before I try to limp-kiss you,
Let’s burn in some poetry.
Β©Teddy Temple 2016


4 thoughts on “Once upon a smile

      1. It made me recall someone from a long-ago time, someone I loved from a distance. I never told him about my feelings but I wonder if he ever felt the same way about me.

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