When the curtain falls


Before I go into coma,
Let me try hold onto  a tiny pill of resentment,
So that I don’t choke on my pride,
So ,when the curtain falls
And everything comes to an end,
Forget about my flaws
With all my broken promises.

Before darkness swallow the sun,
Save the rays for the night crawlers,
To pay the fines of my daydreams
And make wishes hatch from chandeliers,
So that when the curtain falls,
Our palms won’t be empty
Or will we lick diamond dust to feed our lust.

Before time leaps out of track,
Remember the days I used to count with you,
How the moonlight shone upon us in the rhythm of the night,
Replay the song our heartbeats played together
So that when the lights fade out,
I burn in the rivers of your disregard
And sift through the wreckage of my dreams.

When the curtain falls,
Hope you find a reason not to forget me.
Β©Teddy Temple 2016


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