Chimney of my mind


This quiet walls  take me through outcast paths,
Where grasses whisper an anthem of the lonely
The winds comfort me
As the leaves dance to the days` s symphony,
Am counting my footsteps
Trying to trace my way back home
So that I return to the ordinaries.

Shadows pulling me away
From  the world of sycophants
Am slowly fading into nothingness
My heart is fogged with darkness
That want to escape through the chimney of my mind
Every inch of me is nailed with fury
So,just let me wallow through my unspoken soliloquies in this sanctum.

Poetry sanctify my thoughts with insanity
Am not lost in illusion
But am taking a different path from sane mortals
Am not dragged into misconception
Am just a sea wind craving the hungry tides.
In silence, I escape sanity
And hunt for solace to let out the disturbed part of me.
Β©Teddy Temple 2016


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