There’s an abandoned railroad passing through my chest,
It left a hole in my heart,
Stained my lungs with a rust
And cracked my veins open
Now my mind is trapped in naked wires,
The very wires you knitted in my skin
Now am shadowed in your sacrilegious pity
Trying to make me your puppet
But I won’t give in.

There is magma boiling up my throat
I could cry lion tears
Or wear a mask of monkey smile
Just to shun the world away
As am caged in dungeon caves
My thoughts drift on ocean waves
Hunting for the brutal tides
To break down walls in my heart
And sweep away wires stuck in my throat.

Am fighting the temptation,
Enthralled by rebellion,
Enraged with apathy
Hating bleaks of hypocrisy
’cause the world is living on its dead end
I wish I could tear it all down
But I realize am just misunderstood.
Β© Teddy Temple 2016


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