Fire in my veins

There’s a song clawing on my ribs,
Its echoes crawl beneath my skin,
I can’t resist the euphoric feeling it stirs in me,
My heart’s thumping,
My pulse fluttering
And my bones twitching,
I cry lion’s tears
To drench all my fears….
There’s just a fire ignited in my veins.

There’s a daffodil blooming in my heart,
Its petals are stained with my blood
And its pollen fills my veins
Till they strew in my thoughts
With an armored spontaneity,
I smile like have quenched my thirst from the hurricane,
If I should wake up in a lion’s den,
Bring me home in a cloud with golden linings
And save me a smile from the depths of your heart.

There’s fire in my veins
Fuelled with my fantasies,
It burns with a promise,
Its’ flames lurch in my breath
Turning the smithereens of my broken dream to ashes,
So, before I break out of this cage,
Let me burn in the flames of promises and hope
That run in my veins earnestly.
©Teddy Temple 2016


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