Take me there



Do you know a land where the winds are gentle,
Blowing mystically and whisper a melody?
A place where the raindrops kiss our lips
with a scrummy taste of nature’s ambiance,
I’d love you to take me there my beloved,
There, where oceans bleed into the sky.

I’ve you heard of that place, where the golden bells ring
And linnet birds sing,
Where tulips blossom and sunflowers beam,
Your eyes twinkle like you’ve captured its sceneries,
I just long to go there,
Where moonlight shines upon tales of love.

Take me there,
Where the rainbow is etched on your face,
The ice flakes melt to your warmth
And am showered with your ecstasy,
I just crave to be there,
Where the wine of your lips gets me drunk.

Can I glide in your parachutes
Till I plummet in your arms?
I just feel safe and sound there
As everything seem crimsoned with your grace.
Just take me there,
Where I’ll sing you my heartbeat song.
©Teddy Temple 2016


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