Between my head and heart


I got riddle in my veins,
Metaphors in my daydreams
And sunflowers as food for my thoughts,
I have smoked a pipe of wishes,
staggered on the empty streets
Like a lost sheep in a herd of wolves,
How do I get off this thin line between love and hate?

My thoughts are caught up in flames,
My heart is cold as ice,
Am garbled with mixed emotions,
Should I pick a gun or a rose,
Embrace the avalanches or weep over my mistakes?
Am trying to hang on my faith
but my regrets are pulling me down,
Am stuck between my head and heart.

Am trying to follow the paths of my heart,
But my mind tells me no,
My instincts push me to go,
So I become sceptical
Then I begin to wonder,
If my heart beats for you,
will my mind also think of you?

I just don’t know ,
How do I choose between my head and heart?
©Teddy Temple 2016


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