Let’s pretend

Let’s pretend like fireflies
Glowing in the dark
beneath empty skies
Like we are dancing to a joyous tune,
Let’s pretend that our hearts are beating in a single rhythm.

Let’s pretend like shooting stars,
Chasing after wishes
And dreams built on hope
Like we are gliding across the sky
Let’s pretend that fear is obsolete.

Let’s pretend that the walls could talk
And rains patter off secrets whispered in the dark
As we fetch clouds to paint our dark paths
Like we woke up with amnesia,
Let’s pretend that roses are blue on valentines.

Let’s pretend to be robots
That we can’t hear Christmas carols on Christmas,
Fixing what’s broken
Like wingless angels of light
Let’s pretend to be strangers in paradise.

Let’s pretend that everyone cares
Like there’s an outbreak of happiness
Transmitted through smiles,
So contagious for harmony
Let’s pretend that we all speak the same language.

Let’s pretend like it never happened,
Like Adam and Eve never ate that forbidden fruit,
That ,kings can dine at the same table with their slaves,
Since we all breathe the same air,
Let’s pretend that boundaries are just a pathetic fallacy.

Let’s pretend for a moment
and feel the peace and love we long for.
Β©Teddy Temple 2016


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