Please,tell me what language do you speak? 
All I know is that it’s in muted symphony,
Am told even though you can’t buy happiness
but you can rent it.
I don’t understand how man made you its god
Worshipping you at the shrines of lust and greed
Appealing to themselves of bestowed glory.

How many wonders can you do?
Turn the guilty into innocent,
Slaves into masters,
Make dreams come true
And transform ugly into sparkling beauty
Yet you don’t breath or think.

Hearts desire to possess you,
As you opulently furnish lives,
Some would kill to obtain you
Since you can even purchase freedom
Broken hearts you can mend,
Under your spell, the world dances in a trance of mayhem.

On the slopes of life,
You are like a rolling stone that can gather moss,
In every pocket, you fill,
Pride comes along
With a feeling of power
But trust you can never assure
For deeds are like drops of gold.

Your actions are explicitly eloquent,
But true love you can never afford,
Knowledge you can never acquire
And even time , you can’t halt its race.
You are just a god in man’s world.
©Teddy Temple 2016


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