Beneath The Moonlight


Under the gleams of your smile, I sigh,
As the sky hums

And the moon cast its rays
On our wriggling bodies,
A tune of love plays just for the two of us
Its lyrics fathoms the link between us
And we loose ourselves to its melody.

Your eyes are golden in the moonshine,
And am trying to calculate the gradient of your lips,
That enslave me with their grandeur
The cool breeze caresses our cheeks,
I feel your heartbeat in the darkness
And its thrums pound in my head
When I hold you close in my arms.
Your violins calm my anxiety,
As you pull my strings with your charmy bow,
Sending my heart into a trance
And makes my soul dance to a jig of heaven,
I slip into happiness,
The stars twinkle in harmony above us
Witnessing the construction of our love.

A poetic radiance glow on your lips,
It makes me want to tarnish the pages of your spell,
Am wearing my heart on your orbit
As I navigate your latitudes and longitudes
For the pathway to your secrets.
Let’s listen to the singing crickets
That fill the air with serendipity.

Waves of the night,
Will sweep us into the light
On the tides of moonlight rays,
My smile takes shelter in your heart
Am trying to measure the decibels of your laughter
with my dimples,
Every minute I clutch you in my arms,
Happiness beams inside me.

Β©Teddy Temple 2015


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