Ashtrays of my fantasies

Am constantly caught in delusional monologues,            
With your name sipping across my lips
Kissing empty spaces in daylight besides
Misty sunrise that soaks into my bones,
Am dragged into an avalanche
Clutching on the straws of the sight of your soft lips,
Just to burn down the walls of my daydreams.

Blinding soliloquies off my chest
To catch a glimpse of you in my daydreams,
To trace the line of wishes after a shooting star
Hoping to have you with me till the end of time,
since you seem to linger in every line I ponder,
My sentiments trapped around you like a magnetic spell
’cause you seem to roll in metaphors in every thought popping in my mind.

Flip your switch and watch me hunt,
Hunt for your smile in every inch of your dimples
Even though you pushed me to the edge,
I’ll hang on the cobwebs you pull out to save me
If all of this should be a poetic hallucination,
Let me burn it all in flames of hopelessness
And save the remains in the ashtrays of my fantasies.

©Teddy Temple 2017

My drunken dreams

Am trying to cross the borderline between black and white,Drifting far from sober and sanity

Climbing over the walls of desire

To redefine my daydreams that translate into sleepwalking,

And I keep running into steel walls meshed with your eyes,

The cold tastes numb on my tongue,and am

Still searching for your warm arms in my drunken dreams.
I keep crawling into shadows

Following your glittery footsteps

But I find you still out of reach

Lost inside the worst part of me,

Hoping the sleep talks would draw you closer

’cause am tipsy in the cravings for you

Am just laced in the dreams of you.
I stagger about in the search for you in my sleepwalks,

Trying to trace your smile and laughter 

To awaken me from my slumber

But still I find you lost inside my drunken dreams.

©Teddy Temple 2017

Fallen verbs


Can I swim naked in your mind ,till I drown in the cascading terraces of your thighs,mixed up in juicy tentalments with pleasurable scales…? Can I??
I just want to be your late night thoughts
That crawl in your mind and settles on your bosom,
The ones that make you sigh with your hands between your thighs,
I could tiptoe my fingers on your cotton skin if you let me,
Till I perch on your wild adventures,
Am just a night owl
Craving to explore your wilderness.

I want to leave some poetry on your skin,
Fused with my  warmth
And deeply planted on your lips,
So that every time I’ll be  checking for palindromes on you,
I won’t miss the metaphors that keep running down from your gazes,
I just wanna touch you the way you crave for ocean breeze to ripple through your body
Leaving behind traces of an adventure .

I want to claw on u with my fingers,
Trace every curve,every line and every texture,
Till I climb the pew on your chest
And manifest adrenaline on your neck,
Sending chills down your spine
Till you are out of control
But I’ll tame you in my arms
And shelter your masquerades.

I want to plant silent and smoldering kisses on your lips
Deep under the shiny gloss
In the soft flesh where you can’t deny the taste,
I want to hold you close by your waist,
Close that your contours disrupt my thinking,
And my compass gets dizzy,
I just crave to taste you,to know what flavour you are made of,
Then spice myself with your scrumminess.

I want to feed my fingers on your flesh,
Incarnate the hunger for your taste within the clasps of your thighs,
Find the splendour etched on your cheeks
And runs down up to your chest,
I want to drown in your arms
In the wake of your adrenaline
That sinks us in an ocean of devotion.

I just want you for myself,
You and I in our own shell
For eternity we dwell.
©Teddy Temple 2017

How can I


How can I translate the whole of you into a poem
When you have dragged me into your world
Soaked me in your crimsoned yearnings
And made me an addict of your brewed sexiness,
Just help me find the words
That fit best in the core of your wildness.

How can I tame this yearning
Since am under the surface
Trying to map out the roads to you,
Deciphering the secrets of your lips
To unravel the glistening secrets beyond magical mixture of tongues,
The taste,the feeling,and the adrenaline.

How can I measure the inches of your lips when you purse them,
Without equations,algebra or calculus,
Since I can’t find the right grammar that’s fit for your curves,
I just end up in exclamations
That’s wrapped in endless sighs,
Just help me know ,how can I ?

How can I stop speaking in metaphors,
When am still trying to translate your lips into words,
The gloss on them infects me with an obsession,
Leaves me with unsolved parables of craving ignited inside,
I just want to drown in wake of your adrenaline.
© Teddy Temple 2017

Dead lines


If suicide were a wine of glass
Perhaps a sip from it would quench the thirst for solace,
Death sounds fancy in a rhyme
Like it’s spiced up in lemon juice.
Death lines across my smile,
Awakened by  alarms ringing from the grave
Guess I can’t win this battle before I cross dead lines of life.

Choking on death notes,
That grace my eyes with a fallacy
The sound of hope in tomorrow’s wish
Tastes like death pill on my tongue
’cause sometimes today flowered in with dead lines
Yet am still stuck in solitude
And I hate how much am loving it.

As the sunset switches  off the daylight,
My heart hasn’t discovered its star cross
Perhaps the beating reached a dead line,
Rejoicing in the darkness
Even though am treading on thin ice
My heart drowning in a sinkhole
And am trying to find a way to scream.

Sweating rust and the air around thinning,
Perhaps sugarcoat this poison(life) before I take it-for consolation
’cause I feel like am already dead,
Just a walking corpse
Trying to keep darkness at bay
In the shroud of the day
Waiting for the night to woe me
’cause it seems I have more demons than the exorcist.

Like the last meal before execution
So does the last breath taste like,
That gasp,that choke or that last word
To say goodbye or claim a death wish
Where dead lines cross star lines
And that be the end of a life trail.
Agony follows,hearts are left hollow
It’s just another dead line marked in an empty smile.

Am trying to drown my demons
But they know how to swim,
Screaming for silence
To drown the voices,
Digging out the empty graves in my heart
Since am swept off in waves of sadness
That keep looming around in shadows,
If I could taste death to seek its comfort ,
Then i’d make my escape haven in it
But I know that’s a wicked path for the lost
Though I still don’t know my place in the diary of dreams.

Sometimes I wake up
Then I wish I didn’t,
’cause I wonder whats left for me in the daylight,
Creeping in the dark
In search for luck
But I find myself trapped in the shadows.
© Teddy Temple 2017

Patriot of hell


Everything you speak,comes straight from hell,
Wired to your tongue
In twisted lies
Chained in death screams
That now haunt without  apathy,
Am in pieces ,trampled under feet.

I came as a rebel,
Thought you were waiting for the riot to begin
But instead you are a patriot of hell,
Am still bleeding out
Since your heart is like a loaded gun
And your lips tasted like cold winter sun.

Empty graves through your eyes,
Unmarked caskets on your fingertips,
And a joyful massacre in your heart,
I didn’t know I was in for an execution
’cause I thought you could be the death of me
But you crucified me on your empty smile,
You are just a patriot,
Narrating tales of  the dead.
©Teddy Temple 2017

Paper hearts


I keep searching for an iridescence in your blinking
But I only find darkness patched on your eyelids,
Digging trenches in your heart
Just to find a stitch for my bleeding,
Since you planted paper-hearts where my heart should be,
Struck me with a plague
And my scars are still bleeding.

Blinding lies on your palms
That seduced me without empathy,
I tried to sift through your whispers
But you blew me off into silence
Now am just a fever head,
Figging around like a bruised matador,
Dodging lights like a thief in the night
And you just watch me crawl into graves of desperation,
I wish I could be the suicide thought running through your mind
So that I shred your paper heart into pieces.

You dragged me through your darkness,
Infested me with your fears
And promised to show me how to shelter your demons
Instead ,you pushed me to the edge
Misled me with your gems
All I tried was to find out what makes you tick in sadness
But only to discover paper hearts trailing from your bosom towards me.

Should I paint them red in a pool of my blood,
So that you can feel the rage burning from me?
You thought of me as  merely silent and  harmless,
Well you were dead wrong
’cause now I’ll be the death that claws on you,
Make you seek death pill from my ashes
Till you shred these paper hearts trailing between us.
©Teddy Temple 2017