Trying to hold onto a breath without a sigh,
As I slowly die each passing day,
My shadows lead as I follow,
Chasing after my skeletons through
Open gates into the dark
To save me from drowning in myself,
But still my thoughts pull me under
Dragging me further into the void,
It feels like an avalanche.

I swallow my faith
In wait to choke on my breath,
Patience sold time away
Since promises broke,
And words were swallowed in the screams,
Heaven knows but hell still seeks,
How much can every inch of breath cost?
Perhaps a lifetime regret.

Still digging my way out of the grave of broken dreams,
That buried me with a glittering shovel
And I thought it would be just a dirge for a memory
But the mourning never stopped,
Tears welled up the eyes
And am starting to love the pain, how it hurts
But my Intuitions could be misguided
To just let it be,
Even if am drowning,
Just make sure am in the deep end.

Owing a smile to the agony
To settle down for a massacre in my dreams,
Hoping never to wake-up
To another misfit and numb smiles,
I’d rather fade into the shadows,
Disappear without a trace
Than stick to this endless rat race,
Chasing broken echoes
That leave me twisted in shadows.

A smile for a mask to replace the pain, with something numb,
Running in circles to feed the darkness with glitches of emptiness…
It never stops,
It digs deep inside
Like an open grave is all I’ve become,
Camping in dead silence
With a hollow of coldness inside,
Am just sinking.
©Teddy Temple 2018


Tread in the 20’s

​Flipped the page and it was 22,

Still tracing my way back from the lines have been through,
Feels like a rat race,
A dead-end chase
Life turns out to be honey flavoured with poison,
Holding onto some dream yet faithless,
Air around feels like a cage
Hanging by the edge
Addicted to solitude
Over-thinking is the cure,
Almost bidding my soul for forever
Never paying for the debts my demons owe.

Looking into the mirror
And my reflection haunts me,
Adulthood is here, not with beers for cheers
Really wanted to grow old without growing up
But understood that life has two sides, guns and roses,
Now I sleep with both eyes open, insomnia
Trying to catch a wish out of a shooting star,
For the streak to heal my scars,
Love is just a satire
Knitted on the stems of sweet nothings.

They told me dreams can come true
But didn’t clarify that nightmares can tag along,
If tomorrow never comes
Then my poems will make it through
‘Cause am still sifting through the dark to remain true to my dreams
Hoping to find some light to fight my nights
Life now feels like a mere noose for my neck to hang on.
©Teddy Temple 2017

Of spilt ashes and dust in the wind

I left a whisper for you in the winds,
To pave the skies for you with gold,
Instead you hanged your neck on loose thread,
Till it broke, that’s when you died in my heart
And am still digging through 10 feet under
To bury you.

Daylight do come with shadows,
So does a breath drag suffocation behind it,
When the air around is thinning,
Your saint starts to recite sins,
Smile of a deadman patched on your face
Tossing me into the winds like dust
Without a contrition from your ghost.

Am trying to stay close to heaven
Without breeding your wickedness into a heathen
Spilt ashes craping Into the sky
Till angels fall to play a dirge symphony for your sacrifice,
I’ll be the lost mortal and you go as the unforgiven.

Memories fade like spilt ashes
Regrets stack up like dust in the winds
And through tomorrow’s decay
I see through your lies
Cursing my luck
For letting me shelter your demons
But its just another nightmare,
Now I leash you in the echoes of my screams
As I settle on the rubble like dust from the wind.
©Teddy Temple 2017

Chasing shadows

Sometimes life feels like a beauty contest,You aren’t sure if you are crawling,cat walking,staggering or sleepwalking on the runway,
All you hope for is catching a glimpse of the spotlight in the end
But what if all these is shred down into a nightmare
And you end up in the shadows of your daydreams,

That’s when you realize you are chasing after shadows.
Hidden truths in plain sight,
Parallel lines cross match in our minds,
The blind leading the blind
Just ’cause we are told to always follow even when misled,
The rich trying to bribe death
To eternally dwell in wealth,
But death doesn’t care ,it will feed on,
Since life isn’t numbered like days on pages

And we are all living to die another day. 
The world is on fire
But the devil claimed that’s a rumour,
’cause he is a liar.
Everybody wants to go to heaven
But nobody wants to die,
Each passing time there is a funeral somewhere and
Also a wedding somewhere else,
Life has no rehearsals or tutorials,
Though we spend half of it dreaming and the other half existing,
Always chasing shadows that lead us to nowhere.

Trying to numb the pain with a thousand pills
But you realize that even the cure sometimes kills,
Chasing after rainbows to color our days
But then it turns out to be a shadow tainted in illusion,
All that comes after is a tragic confusion
Since before it was a storm of chaos in a windy kiss
That got the imbeciles on their heels
Chasing after the shadows.

Creeping in the dark
In search for luck,
waiting for a shooting star to fall,
Counting stars to cure insomnia
But in the end
You find yourself trapped in the shadows.

© Teddy Temple 2017

Talking to my walls

I keep searching for words that got lost in the echo,
The ones that only walls could hear
sipped into the cracks and got drenched in raindrops
So that I dig out the secrets in them
To see through the choking truth once more
’cause am still transfixed on the broken promises,
pouring out my heart into the echoes of silence
Counting on my walls to listen.

Digging through the emptiness,
Hoping to catch something out of reach
To cure the sickness of living
Since I don’t know how to live to die another day
And the skies have never turned grey, Am just indebted to my demons
For patience never paid for the waiting
So,all that remains is a paralyzing silence.

The dark seemed more welcoming than light
Here I am talking to my walls
The whispers comfort me,
painting shadows on my walls
And burying the agony in the cracks.
©Teddy Temple 2017

Chained in the shadows 

My words are inked in pain, Patched in blood on an empty space,
Have been hanging by a thread,
Waiting for the end to drown time,
Since I chained my truths on your promises,
Then you broke the links with lies,
Am digging deeper into your heart
For a consoling haven
But then here I am, shackled in silence,
I just need an antidote for the venom you fed me,
It’s killing me on the inside.

Trying to escape into the void,
To fade into nothingness
For I try to find myself again but I find a stranger inside,
Always screaming for the dark to descend,
To unchain me from your shadows,
I pray for paradigm to shift and time to stand still
Since your razorblade lips left a hollow trench in my smile
Am lost in the doom, just a puppet Of dancing echoes.

You traded your lies for my skeletons,
Buried me alive In the shred of your disgust,
Your dead eyes cast hounds of hell on my pathways,
That trample me into rubble and dust
And from the rain now I rust
‘Cause from your world, am an outcast
Chained in the shadows.
©Teddy Temple 2017

Ashtrays of my fantasies

Am constantly caught in delusional monologues,            
With your name sipping across my lips
Kissing empty spaces in daylight besides
Misty sunrise that soaks into my bones,
Am dragged into an avalanche
Clutching on the straws of the sight of your soft lips,
Just to burn down the walls of my daydreams.

Blinding soliloquies off my chest
To catch a glimpse of you in my daydreams,
To trace the line of wishes after a shooting star
Hoping to have you with me till the end of time,
since you seem to linger in every line I ponder,
My sentiments trapped around you like a magnetic spell
’cause you seem to roll in metaphors in every thought popping in my mind.

Flip your switch and watch me hunt,
Hunt for your smile in every inch of your dimples
Even though you pushed me to the edge,
I’ll hang on the cobwebs you pull out to save me
If all of this should be a poetic hallucination,
Let me burn it all in flames of hopelessness
And save the remains in the ashtrays of my fantasies.

©Teddy Temple 2017